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Identify Your Winnebago Motorhome

Options CodeTwo items will help you identify many things you need to know about your Winnebago Motor Home. The Option Codes (shown to the right) are listed on the Retail Price Sheet (similar to a window sticker) and the Certification Label. (shown below)

Winnebago Option Codes

Option Codes list optional features that may be installed on your unit. The options are listed on your Retail Price Sheet under the section called OPTIONS INSTALLED BY MANUFACTURER. The Option Code (or Feature Number) will be listed on Winnebago Industries, Inc. documentation to identify any geometry and/or notes that pertain to the optional features. 

The first three characters make up the option code, a description of the optional feature is listed next, followed by the retail price of the option. 

Winnebago Certification Label

The Certification Label lists important information about your unit. The Certification Label is permanently attached to the unit in the driver's door area in one of the following locations: attached to the front lower portion of the driver's door, attached to the lower portion of the wall next to the driver's seat, or attached to the pillar in front of the driver's door. Another copy of the Certification Label can be found in the Black Bag that came with your RV. Explained below are some of the items on the Certification Label. 

Winnebago Certification Label 

Lichtsinn RV carries a huge selection of Winnebago, Itasca, and Winnebago Touring Coach parts so you can find the part you are looking for! 

Winnebago models that we carry Winnebago RV Parts for include:

Winnebago models that we carry Winnebago RV Parts for include: the Winnebago EKKOWinnebago View, Winnebago NavionWinnebago Minnie Winnie, Winnebago SpiritWinnebago Vista, Winnebago SunstarWinnebago AdventurerWinnebago Forza and the Winnebago Journey. Discontinued models that we carry Winnebago Parts for include: Winnebago Rialta, Winnebago Era, Winnebago Boldt, Winnebago Paseo, Winnebago Trend, Winnebago Paseo, Winnebago Aspect, Winnebago Cambria, Winnebago Brave, Winnebago Intent, Winnebago Outlook, Winnebago Access, Winnebago Via, Winnebago Vista LX, Winnebago Sightseer, Winnebago Sunova, Winnebago Chieftain, Winnebago Voyage, Winnebago Vectra, Winnebago Tour, Winnebago Horizon, Winnebago Grand Tour and more.

Itasca models include the Itasca Navion, Itasca Spirit, Itasca SunstarDiscontinued models that we carry Itasca Parts for include: Itasca Reyo, Itasca ViVa!, Itasca Cambria, Itasca Sunstar LX, Itasca Sunova, Itasca Solei, Itasca Ellipse, Itasca Ellipse Ultra, Itasca Suncruiser, Itasca Tribute, Itasca Latitude, Itasca Meridian, Itasca Impulse, Itasca Horizon, the Itasca Sunflyer and more. 

Lichtsinn RV also sells Winnebago RV Parts for the Winnebago Touring Coach, Class B Line of Winnebago Motor Homes which includes: the Winnebago Travato, Winnebago Revel , Winnebago Adventure Wagon and the Winnebago Solis.

This is not a complete list of models we carry Winnebago, Itasca and Winnebago Touring Coach motorhome parts for, but includes the primary models we get requests for. 

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